Eden Village Church

Cross on Church and Sky Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, USAIn the beginning, God had a simple idea…

…the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden, and there he put the man he had formed.”  (Genesis 2:8)

Things have become so complicated since.  But make no mistake… Eden is what we all long for – life that relates to God, others, and creation in simple clarity, honesty,  and beauty.  Jesus Christ came to restore that.  Our purpose is to step out of the harassment and numbing complexity of our time and point to the re-beginning work that Christ offers – Eden.  Our purpose is to be a community of faith small enough to be known in and understood – Village.

We invite you to walk with us.  Eden Village Church is a new gathering of people on Tucson’s east side – a simple, thoughtful, new expression of hope in complex times.

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Our desire is to refresh your heart, mind and soul with the life changing presence of Jesus Christ.  If you have questions about faith, truth, and God we invite you to ask those with us. If you currently do not attend any church, we invite you to try once more… with us.

Curious?  Ready?  Contact us.  Let’s plant something together.





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