Sundays at Eden

Eden Village currently meets in families’ homes. We gather weekly, typically on Sunday mornings and enjoy a time of fellowship and snacks, to catch up on life with all its challenges. Then we enjoy a time of teaching and prayer for about an hour.

Recent teachings have focused on…

  • Money, Possessions, and Eternity
  • Forgiveness – When You’re Most Like Jesus
  • Finding Your Bearings in Troubled Times
  • Has Christianity Failed You?
  • Learning to Pray
  • Critical Decision Making – How, When, and Why
  • What Does It Mean to Believe in Christ?
  • Eden Views – God’s Plan in Simple

This experience is presently designed for adults and youth. You are welcome to participate or just listen – as you are most comfortable.

Why Eden?  11 Reasons..

To Make a Model

There is a critical need for a better way to start new churches; one that utilizes and leverages the skills of the secular paid-professional (or secular missionary)…  skills like yours.  

To Be Present by Conviction

There is a need for many to find a better reason for attending the church they are currently at than entropy.  Are you somewhere by accident or by conviction?

To Use Your Experience

There is a need to better utilize skilled, experienced, and seasoned people in giving active leadership to new church starts… like ours!

To Contribute

There is a need for many to be “hands-on”, fully engaged in the work of God as opposed to quietly observing what’s going on… Stop observing – get in and contribute!

To Get Back Up

There is a need for a better place for the wounded and hurt to find a fresh start and meaningful participation… a place like Eden.

To Provide an Alternative

There is a need for a place for those who don’t find the mega-church a solution.  We remember your name.   

To Think More Clearly

There is a need for an approach to ministry and community transformation that is far more strategic and data-driven.  That is our vision and extended ministry.

To Do New

There is a need for something fresh at certain seasons of our life.  New can bring enthusiasm, wake up deadened senses, invigorate dusty talents, and serve as the constructive adventure many are looking for.  Ready for new?

To Communicate Compellingly

There is a need for locally grown, thoughtfully prepared, and authentically delivered preaching and teaching.  We “bake our own bread” here…

To Create Creators

There is a need for a renaissance of the arts in Christ’s Name to serve as a medium for effective story telling of the greatness of God and the love of Christ.

To Mobilize the Message

There is a need for careful leveraging of all these elements in a mobile platform that retains its signal strength anywhere… “Yes, I CAN hear you now!” Jesus taught as he moved.  The opportunities for e-church have never been greater.  Come “E-Church” with us.